Ian Clarkson 14 May 2009

Hi Everyone,

I wasn’t available to do a write-up of this month’s demo as Phil and I were on our way to a woodturning course with Craft Supplies in the Pyrenees. Our tutor was Gary Rance who is excellent and we highly recommend him, however, more of that another time.

In our absence Lesley did a short write-up which follows:

Ian Clarkson gave us his usual accomplished presentation, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.See Ian's Photos

He began by taking us out into the rain and giving a demonstration of how to use a chainsaw safely. The tree had been felled only the previous day. Ian then used pieces of the eucalyptus he cut to turn two very different bowls.

One was a very thin walled bowl, using a side-grain piece, and the other was a more chunky bowl turned into end grain. Since the demonstration it has been interesting to see how both bowls have shrunk.

He demonstrated the use of an Arbortech to decorate the surface of wood, and also showed us how Eucalyptus (like Oak and Sweet Chestnut) is so full of tannins that it blackens on contact with a “brew” of vinegar and wire wool. In fact even the chuck, where it gripped the wood, caused it to blacken.

He then turned a small, off-centre, rocking bowl and as a final offering a pair of his “signature” earrings, finishing the tiny items with abrasive in his electric drill. Wow!

There was something in this demo for every member – beginner or better – and Ian will certainly be invited back. His explanations are clear and concise – and … he’s a very nice bloke.

His jokes, though mercifully clean, are awful!

The pictures were taken in the days following the demo and show the pieces Ian made and how the wet wood has distorted as it dried.

Lesley Churton

Club Secretary