Programme of Events for 2009

All Demonstrations take place in the Grain Loft, from 7pm until around 10pm, doors open from 6pm.

Write-ups of the demo evenings can be found in Club Night Reports.

All Hands-on sessions take place in the Grain Loft, from 6pm until 9’ish.

Date Event Presenter Comments
8 January Demonstration Robin Wood with
his pole lathe
Robin is an internationally respected wood worker specialising in use of local timbers and traditional techniques, but with a distinctive modern twist.  Using a foot-powered lathe, Robin turns stylish, but functional bowls and plates. His extensive research into the history of the craft led to publication of the definitive book on the history of the wooden bowl.
22 January Hands on    
12 February Demonstration
Elston Sawmill
Russell Kebble
ASK Tools
ASK Tools stock a wide range of tools and machinery dedicated to the serious wood turner and wood worker. They have a wealth of wood turning experience and can help beginners and advanced woodturners with woodturning chisel and lathe selection, advice on all aspects of woodturning from deep hollowing to pen making.
If you want Russell to bring you anything (portable!) please let him know well in advance. [email protected]
26 February Hands on    
12 March Club AGM   AGM night - discussion about the Club's activities over the past year and selection of our charity to sponsor for the next 12 months.
26 March Hands on
9 April Demonstration
Elston Sawmill
Bob Chapman Bob is one of our “favourites” and back again by popular request.  He has been chosen to be one of the main attractions at the 2009 AWGB Seminar – proof, if any were needed, of his skill both as a woodturner and demonstrator – the two don’t necessarily go together!  Bob says – “When I meet other woodturners for the first time they sometimes ask me what I make. No matter how many times it happens, it always confounds me. I want to say that I'll make 'anything you want, as long as it’s round', after the style of Henry Ford's 'any colour you like, so long as it’s black', but the question makes me feel inadequate because I haven't got that 'single item' speciality that seems to be expected of me.”
23 April Hands on    
14 May Demonstration Ian Clarkson Ian is another of our favourites - he works from his home studio in picturesque Hebden Bridge in the southern Pennines, producing hollow forms, bowls, platters and sculptural forms, working almost entirely in British timbers. Finishes range from light oiling of the natural wood to metal leaf, coloured stains and blowtorching.  Many of his pieces are domestic in size but he also produces larger pieces suitable for reception areas, boardrooms, offertory plates and conversation pieces.
28 May Hands on    
11 June Demonstration
Elston Sawmill
Tom Allison &
Walt Claxton
Tom Allison and Walt Claxton are two popular “old” members of the club - Walt being our Chairman, who have been persuaded to step up to the lathe and demonstrate some home grown talent.  Both extremely skilled, so we should be in for a good evening.
Please note that this was originally scheduled to be Tom & Geoff Chapman, but Geoff's a bit poorly, so Walt has stepped in for this evening's demo.
25 June Hands on    
9 July Demonstration Andrew Hall Andrew has taught woodworking and associated crafts to apprentices for over twenty years, and now teaches privately in his workshop at home.  After reading an article in Woodturning magazine about JoHannes Michelson, a turner in America, who made full size hats that could be worn he was inspired to try it himself, but his attempts took on a new dimension once he
had seen JoHannes demonstrate.
He is an entertaining and relaxed presenter and his hats are fantastic!
16 July Hands on
13 August Demonstration
Elston Sawmill
Joey Richardson Joey feels very strongly that wood, as a medium for art, is greatly undervalued. She is enthusiastically working to promote wood art in the UK, with the support of the Worshipful Company of Turners.  Utilising her skills of airbrushing colour, piercing and texturing she has actively sought to marry her art into her work.  Her work is recognised in the USA as well as in the UK and she is in four private collections in America.
27 August Hands on    
10 September Demonstration Sue Harker Sue turned professional and started to demonstrate her “signature” open segment and involuted turning in 2006. Through popular demand she now produces and sells a range of open segment wheels. In January 2007 she was accepted onto the Register of Professional Turners run by the Worshipful Company of Turners, London and in late March of 2007 was awarded a bursary by them. The Bursary has enabled her to set up her web site and finance the production of a DVD.
24 September Hands on    
8 October Demonstration
Elston Sawmill
Margaret Garrard Margaret started woodturning as a hobby in 1995.  By 2000 it developed into a business incorporating a wide range of wooden items and she has done all kinds of work, from lawn mower rollers to a tabernacle for Windsor College Chapel; table legs, bed knobs and broomsticks... bowls are somewhere in-between.   From there her creative bent took over. Not content with wood turning, she developed piercing and complex designs, her inspiration drawn from the natural forms she observed on her long walks in the dales.  This has earned her prizes in International competitions; her work can now be seen in The Daniel Collection, London.
22 October Hands on
12 November Demonstration Clive Brooks of
Robert Sorby
Clive and the Robert Sorby / Turner’s Retreat Team need no introduction.  Friends of the Sheffield Woodturning Club, they are always welcome, and always have something new to show us.
26 November Hands on    
10 December Christmas party time   Please bring some food and drink!
17 December Demonstration
Elston Sawmill
Nikos Siragas An artistic woodturner and carver, master craftsman Nikos Siragas operates a gallery and workshop in the town of Rethymno, on the beautiful Greek island of Crete. He uses local woods - in particular olive, carob, eucalyptus, plane tree, and orange. "There are other interesting woods that I use when I can get hold of them," he says. "Pink siris, pistachio, mastic, and walnut."