SWC - Hands On Night

  • “Hands-On” night is a very relaxed affair - a bit of woodturning, lots of tea and lots of ‘watching others’.
  • Club members use this as an opportunity to ‘have a play on a lathe’ - and occasionally someone does a short demo of something that they enjoy - like the evening that Lorrie Flannery made a couple of pens - see the pictures below.
  • If you are thinking of joining our club this is an ideal night to come along, have a chat and find out more about our club. See the Contacts page.
  • A few informal pictures are recorded here for interest.

January 2008

Here you can see Lorrie trying to get the hang of that skew chisel and Walt showing how it's done to create a 3 cornered bowl - and lots of others 'just watching', drinking tea and socialising. These are great evenings for new members to come along meet us.

March 2009

One of the things that happens on "Hands On" night is members bring along things they've made - to show off - but also the club's photographer brings a 'light tent' and will photograph any member's work and those pictures will appear in these pages under Club Members Work.

These items were photographed in March 09

November 2009

This was the first time Lorrie had done a demonstration in front of anyone - but she quickly overcame the nerves and had the audience captivated. She turned two pens - last picture and some she "prepared earlier" are also in this gallery.